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Science officer Spock Monkey at his desk
From the set of their music video The Captain's Log A whole new crew of handmade sock monkeys is ready to roam the galaxy

Spock Monkey

Renown sockosimian science officer Spock Monkey is fully cloneable and ready to move to your galaxy. Every sock monkey is handmade, using authentic Rockford Red Heel socks; either the modern style or our secret stash of retired vintage Nelson Red Heels.


Each is a one-of-a-kind handmade sock monkey, with a custom designed uniform.


But Wait, There's More

The whole crew has passed through Sock Fleet Headquarters. Many of our half-Vulcan sock monkeys and their space-age sock monkey pals like to roam the world and are looking for new homes.


Some of the crew also appeared in the award-winning music video for Too Hip For the Room's Star Trek homage, The Captain's Log, winner of the Golden Banana at the International Sock Monkey Film Festival in Rockford.

Knit Long and Prosper

We graduate new classes of Spock Monkeys several times a year. Each Sci-Fi sock monkey ships out with it's own Tribble.


It's always sad to say good-bye to one of the graduates from Sock Fleet Academy, but the other residents of Smonkeytown turn out for going away parties to wish them well in their new adventures.


Any questions, email Spock


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All of our sci-fi sock monkeys are one of a kind, hand crafted homage pieces with no affiliation to CBS or Paramount.