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 !  Spock Monkey: The Most Logical Sock Monkey in Cyber Space

Spock Monkeys available for immediate travel to your galaxy!

Visit our Spock Monkey Mall to see the selection of hand made Rockford Red Heel Sock Monkeys. We have been selling out quickly, but keep adding more, so visit again if you don't see the sock monkey you want.


Check out the trailer for our new video:



The whole crew has passed through Spock Monkey Headquarters.



Many of our half-Vulcan sock monkeys and their space-age sock monkey pals like to roam the world and are looking for new homes. Since no two hand made sock monkeys are identical, each of the monkeys is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation, and listed separately. .
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All of our Sci-Fi Sock Monkeys ship with a free tribble.


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All of our sci-fi sock monkeys are one of a kind, hand crafted homage pieces with no affiliation to CBS or Paramount.

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